Fresh Start for 2021

Annette Marble: Are you thinking about selling your home in 2021? Give me a call for my free market plan and your free home evaluation. I’ll also send you information on how to stage your home. I’m Annette Marble with Key Realty and I’m looking forward to helping you with all your real estate needs.…

Interest Rates

Have you ever noticed that while everyone has been acting frantic over the higher interest rates, I’ve been over here, sipping my PSL, calm and steady? ☕️ It’s not ignorance…it’s confidence. In the midst of climbing interest rates, I am confident I can still help buyers buy a home they love and feel good about. … Continued

3 Spaces to Organize

Maybe you’re listing your house soon or maybe you just want to enjoy your home a little more. Either way, a quick organizing and decluttering session in these three rooms will make your home feel bigger and more enjoyable. The mudroom: From lack of storage to spacious laundry areas, the goal is to make this … Continued

September Bingo Bucket List

Calling all Fall obsessed friends – I have a game for you to play! Save this BINGO graphic and see how long it takes you to get BINGO! DM me when you do so we can talk about all things Fall like the Fall movies you binge watched, what candle scents you loaded up on, … Continued

Buyer’s Remorse

Have you ever splurged on something from Studio McGee’s line at Target then regretted it? Me neither 😉 But buyer’s remorse is a very real thing. Just ask the 64% of millennials who bought a home last year. According to a 2021 survey by Bankrate and YouGov, many millenials bought homes last year then regretted … Continued

National Tailgate Day

Season tickets for endzone seats are nice, but so is watching the game from the comfort of your own home. Whether you prefer to watch by yourself as you nap on the couch or you want to invite your best friends over for the big game, these home must-haves are the real winners this fall.

September Homeowner Checklist

Let the BER months begin – AKA the best months of the year! Have you ever heard them called “the ber months”? Think about it: SeptemBER – Fall starts, pumpkin takes over everything, football commences, sweaters come out, chili gets made, there’s so much to love about September. Then we have OctoBER (Halloween, Fall movies, … Continued