2 Things you Probably Didn’t Know


💵We don’t get paid to show homes up front. In fact, we don’t get paid until the keys have been given to the new homeowners and the funds have been wired. We show up for you and commit to you as your agent without a paycheck!

💵 But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to work our butts off to help you find the house you love.

☑️ But it’s more than that.. we don’t just sit on MLS all day. We make phone calls, schedule showings, plan out the best routes, drive from house to house, talk to other agents, find out everything we can about the homes we show and the markets they’re in so we can educate our clients. We handle all of the paperwork – and yes it’s a lot!

☑️ We walk you through step by step so you understand what the heck you’re signing. We schedule home inspections, find repair contractors to dig deeper into potential issues, we negotiate throughout the entire transaction and we keep you up to speed on the dates and deadlines to make sure you close on time.

☑️ We communicate with your lender, the appraiser, the home inspector, the other agent, the home insurance company… the list goes on! It’s more than opening a door and showing you a house. And sometimes, we do this more than once.. maybe a transaction falls apart or the buyers change their mind. Then it’s back to square one. But we absolutely love every second of it! We want to have your back and celebrate with you on closing day!🗝️🍾

We aren’t just a fly on the wall who just so happens to be following you around from house to house.. we are FULLY invested. We are there to be your guide. To answer your questions, educate you about the market, help you see that hidden potential (or maybe the opposite). We want you to buy your home with confidence and feel like you have a trusted friend helping you through the process! We want you to be our clients for life!

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