Calling all first time home buyers in the Columbus Ohio Area

Your parents love you and they’re so excited for you, but I’ve been an agent long enough to know that their concerns can often make you second guess yourself.

I put together a list of things you can do to help ease their minds and even make them excited for you to buy your first home!

  1. Hire a great agent. I know, I know, I say this a lot. But if they’re convinced your agent is looking out for your best interest, they’ll be less worried! You can find a great-for-you-agent by asking for friends recs or searching social media (like the one you’re looking at right now!) It’s ok to interview a few different agents! Ask all your questions and go with the one you click with most, the one that’s honest with you and takes the time to explain the process!
  2. Create a plan with your lender. Local is always best. Most lenders will offer the same interest rate, but some have different programs you may qualify for, and some are easier to get ahold of than others! Once you choose your lender, have them give you your budget and ask what your monthly note would be at different price points so that you have a good idea of what to expect!
  3. Invite your parents! If your parent’s opinion matters to you, please bring them to showings! This will give them a firsthand look at what’s available in your price range so that they know come closing day that you’ve chosen the best home. When my clients bring their parents to showings, I’m happy to take my time answering their questions! But rest assured, my focus will always be on you. When I’m done answering their questions, I’m always going to turn to you so we can have our own conversation and I can gauge how you’re feeling.

BONUS: send them my insta handle so they know you’re working with a professional they can trust!

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