Columbus Why Do You Need A Pre Approval?

Q: Why do I need a pre-approval before house hunting?

Because I treat my clients (and Instagram followers) like friends, I’m going to share the same advice I would share with my very own best friend asking this question!

It’s really and truly in your best interest to get pre approved so you can learn your overall financial requirements and what you can afford monthly.

Having a pre-approval prior to house hunting also gives the seller the assurance of knowing everyone going through their home is financially qualified. *It is even more critical to have this before touring homes when you’re in a competitive market.

If you have a pre-approval, you will be ready to submit an offer if you love the home (yay)!

Time will be wasted if you go, love it, and then need to get your approval before writing the offer. In this competitive market there is no time to waste or you can kiss that home you loved goodbye!

I want you to have a full understanding of both the market and your finances before you start the process. It will increase your confidence as a buyer and you’ll be completely prepared for homeownership.

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