Good to be Home

Make your home feel like YOU ❤️

Warm up your home to make it really feel like yours! Here are my favorite elements to incorporate into home decor to achieve this!

🖼 Add Pops of Art – Find art that features things you love. Like your favorite vacation spot, flowers, or colors. There are so many ways to feature art throughout your home. If you’re worried about damaging your walls, ditch the hammer and nails. Lean art against the wall or use command strips to hang it!

🧳 Keepsakes – Let your keepsakes see the light. Take them out of storage and dust them off. Put them in a shadow box, frame them, or just set them out!

🌟 Make a Statement (Piece) – Invest in a statement piece of furniture or revamp an existing piece. It could be a chair, coffee table, sofa or cabinet. Use this piece to set the tone for the whole room. One of my favorite pieces to make a statement with is a mirror! I’m currently loving the look of arched mirrors.

🌵 Greenery – Adding plants is an easy way to source up your living area. Use your favorite succulents, flowers, and plants. If you want an extra touch – put your plants in a decorative pot or holder. *Succulents are very easy to keep alive for any fellow non-green thumbers!

🎨 Paint YOUR Personality: While I’m typically advising to stick to neutral paint colors for both decor purposes and for re-selling, painting can be a great way to infuse your style and personality into a space. Maybe you really love a dark vibey room – so go for it! Paint that dark blue-ish / gray-ish / black (just saw this recently and loved) or brighten up a space with your favorite shade of white or neutral!

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