Home Staging Day 1

Home Staging Day 1
Annette Marble:
Welcome back to another episode of Keeping It Real. I’m excited for all my boot campers ready to tackle this week’s topic of home staging must dos. Maybe you’re wondering how to figure out which room even needs staging, or you’re just wanting to get my inside secrets that are total game changers when it comes to making your home shine, both online and in person. If so, you’re in the right place.

Hi there. I’m Annette Marble, and I’m with Key Realty. Today I’m covering my top one home staging must do. There are three, so come back tomorrow. Number one, give every room of purpose. This means no empty rooms. Did you know that the number one room that turns off buyers is an empty one? Crazy, right? Which is why this is first on my list of staging must do.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when prepping your home for sale is that the buyers who will be looking at your home, aren’t just buying a house, they’re buying a lifestyle, and this is many buyers have a hard time using their imagination when looking at homes, which means they might overlook a really great space that can be used if it’s left empty. It can be as simple as turning that old, odd loft space into something more like a home office. Add a desk, a rug, and a chair or bookshelf, and now you have a new home office. Think back when you bought your home, what did you envision using that space for, and what would you use it for if you weren’t selling your house?

Tune in tomorrow for neutral rules, this is step two. And as always, we’re keeping it real in real estate with the Annette Marble and Associates.
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