Pin your way to your new home aesthetic 📌

Trying to decide how you want your new home to look can be O-VER-WHELM-ING! There are like 14,000 white paint options, styles ranging from farmhouse to boho to a combo and a bazillion Instagram accounts you love but can’t decide on which look is for YOU.

Here’s a quick tip to start figuring out the look you want your home to have!

Head to Pinterest and create a new board – Name it something fun that has to do with your new house like (last name + casa).

Next, search “home inspo” in the search bar and start pinning looks you love.

Then get a little bit more specific by typing a style specific word like farmhouse style inspo (something that you think you really love) and pin more images that you’re drawn to. You can even pin things just for the colors alone!

Once you have about 100 pins, scroll through your home board to see what patterns you’re finding. Are you heavy on the neutral palette? Is everything you’re pinning screaming boho vibes? You’ll start to see what is taking up the most space in your board which can help you determine what style you want to focus on.

Lastly, create individual boards for each room you want to decorate so you can pull in pieces that look good together!

HAVE FUN! OH and follow me on Pinterest (share where they can find you on Pinterest)!

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