Selling in Columbus, OH

Can I tell you something?

First, pretend we’re sitting down in comfy chairs, beverages in hand..

Buyers are scared of your listing… 😬😬😬

If you’re breaking these rules, you’re probably scaring off buyers despite the competitive market. Here are things to BEWARE OF!

BEWARE OF: Buyer Math – 35% of homeowners would rather move to another home than remodel their current home. Buyers are looking for move in ready, they don’t want to have to do more work when they’re buying a house. If you avoid necessary repairs before listing your house, you’ll turn off a portion of buyers. Even offering a credit for the repairs is still a turn off for buyers. In the end it’s better to do the repairs before you list your house.

BEWARE OF: Overpricing – comps not matching up to neighborhood, what does the data show?

BEWARE OF: Empty Rooms – This might seem strange, but an empty room can kill a sale. When a room is empty, all of its imperfections stand out and it leaves buyers wondering, “What would we use this space for?” A simple solution: stage the empty room! It can be as simple as adding an area rug, chairs, a small table, and a lamp.

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