Want To Sell In Winter? Here Are Some Shortcuts

While the real estate market usually slows down in the fall and winter, there is a common misconception that winter is a bad time to sell your home. Sellers should know that this is simply a myth. While the market might look a bit different in colder weather months, selling in the winter isn’t necessarily difficult. In fact, there are many benefits to listing your between December and February. Competition is often lower, and buyers tend to be a bit more serious when house hunting.

If you’re planning to list your home this winter, below are some shortcuts to help you expedite the selling process:

  • Create A Cozy Atmosphere
    Selling in the winter gives you an opportunity to wow buyers by creating a warm, cozy atmosphere. Make sure to turn up the heat before each showing, as a cold home can be a major turnoff. A good temperature is 70 to 72 degrees (don’t make it too hot either). Also, make your rooms as bright as possible by opening blinds and turning on every light. If you have a fireplace — show it off! A fire is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Keep Your Driveway And Sidewalks Clear
    When selling in the winter, you’ll need to make sure your home is ready to show at a moment’s notice. This means keeping the driveway and sidewalks clear of snow, ice, and debris. Be sure to break out the shovel and salt immediately following each snowstorm.
  • Keep Your Outdoor Features Visible
    Potential buyers are less likely to walk out onto the deck or around the backyard in the wintertime, so try to give them a good view of your outdoor amenities from the inside. Remove snow from any outdoor patio areas and make sure your blinds are open, so visitors can get a good view of the whole property.
  • Do Some Extra Cleaning
    Deep cleaning is important when selling, regardless of the time of year. However, many of us tend to spend more time indoors in the winter, which can lead to a bit more dirt and clutter. You may want to spend a bit of extra time cleaning if possible. Pay special attention to any entryways, which tend to accumulate quite a bit of mud and slush from people tracking snow indoors.
  • Don’t Forget About Your Curb Appeal
    Curb appeal can take a hit in the winter when gardens and plants aren’t in full bloom and seasonal furniture is in storage. However, you can still brighten things up by adding some nice LED lighting to your pathways and entrance. Make sure to also keep the yard free of dead leaves and debris.

Selling in the winter may present a different set of challenges, but sellers shouldn’t be discouraged. It’s not impossible, but you may need to adjust your strategy just a bit.

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